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1 on 1 Coaching Opportunities


Social media  is arguably the number one game changer game in the business world over the last few years. It’s everywhere, constantly evolving and directly impacting business decisions daily. If you feel out of the loop or a bit confused by it, you’re NOT alone. This unsettling feeling among established business professionals is much more common than you’d think.  But, if you are ready to get up to speed Socially Active can help!


We offer two types of 1:1 coaching:


Personal Brand 1:1 Coaching


The Personal Brand 1:1 Coaching Program has been designed in bite-sized chunks, specifically for busy professionals, speakers, consultants and  entrepreneurs who are short on time but recognize the need to invest in their brands. You’ll tackle everything you need to get done to create a powerful personal brand that gets noticed and respected. But, you handle it one critical component at a time. Get all the details right here.


Social Media Strategy Development For Small Business  1:1 Coaching


The social web has opened a world of opportunities for small businesses to join online customer conversations about your company, products and services in order to build trust, brand loyalty and earn new customers. But most small businesses  start a bunch of accounts without a plan. Without direction or strategy n place, businesses end up feeling like they are wasting time with social media. If you feel like this you need 1:1 coaching.  We can help you create a powerful and sustainable social media strategy that’s driven by measurable goals and built around a genuine online presence that connects you to your current and future customers. Get all the details right here.

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