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Free Resources For Your Social Media Campaigns


May We Help You LLC has combed the internet to find you tips, successful calls to action, and tested options to run your social media campaings. If you still require just a bit of help, reach out to us and book a 1 on 1 learning session and start your social media campaigns like a pro.

Personal, Professional, & Pages

When you interact on facebook most owners want to see those number go up immediately. The true mark is not how many likes, friends, or followers you have. When you look at facebook you want to see how many people are you reaching and how many are engaging your post weekly. 


*Hint* 1 good tip to turn around likes and shares is to like your own post. This may seem like a childish tactic but facebook will share with more people when you like it than if 15 people like it.


Click on each article to learn more 

Google +
Individuals, Pages, Groups, and Communities

Google + is a wonderful place to be if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, entertainer, blogger, or looking to becoming more rounded in the industry you are in.


Most of the communities you will join is full of people willing to assist you with tech questions, collaborations, hangouts, or share in your love for, well what it is you love. I find that Google + is easy to connect with people and with all the Google Products you can always round table the services to make it easier to find your business in the search option without paying a dime.


Here is an article I found that can best describe Google + they start to beg a bit but I am sure they offer excellent services.


Become a Customer Service Guru

Twitter is fast paced, short, and sweet. You can hold conversations, answer questions, meet new people, and spread your brand all in one afternoon. Always include #'s, links, & pictures. If you want to get others invovled in your post right away use the @ to someone who isn't following you to get them to pay attention to what you said and possible, retweet and answer you back.


Here is a great article by one of my favoriate automatic post companies Buffer on how to engage and recreate the right type of buzz on twitter.


Professionals Seeking Businesses Seeking Partners Seeking Clients

As a professional your LinkedIn profile can speak volumes for you. If you are looking for a new opportunity, want to connect with the right industry, love networking with other professionals, or are looking for inside tools of success then LinkedIn is the place for you.


Create your profile to say who you are, and what you do right upfront. By doing so your profile will show up in a google search because you used your job titles as key words instead of regular titles. Need help with this concept? The articles found within this resource will have your LinkedIn profile running the ball for you like clock work.


It will also show you how to start company pages, join groups and become an industry guru in no time.

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