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Media Coaching


You’ve been thinking that you’d like a wider platform, that you’d like to begin hosting your own radio show, talk show, or to just be prepared for interviews you have been invited to…but the whole idea is a bit intimidating. Where do you start? Are your interviewing skills up to speed, can you manage the technology, what’s the best format, how do you get people to listen? 

The answers are at hand! Through our media coaching program, we can nurture your hosting skills and bring you along until you are thoroughly at home in the host’s chair. We can get you to the point where during an interview you can almost predict the host next question. We understand the value of being media ready as we have seen the rapid growth of programs where either the host or the guest are not as prepared as they could be. Latisha M is the owner and producer of the May We Help You Radio Network. She will bring the skills she uses to understand each host and run the programs to the learning table you will come to know and love!

Individualized coaching packages include:


  • Creating goals for program

  • Matching goals to outcomes

  • Developing show title

  • Developing topics

  • Designing a show format

  • Producing ideas

  • Interviewing skills and style

  • Listening & critiquing shows

  • Promotion and marketing

Are You Interview Ready?


Did you write a best seller? Are you launching a new product or service? Better yet, are you ready for your 15mins of fame?


With our coaching options we can make sure you are ready to be on the mic, in front of the camera, and quoatable to any magazine or newspaper that you provide interviews with. Let us assist you in getting the umms, dead air, and basic responses out of the way and become the talk of the town with our ground breaking interview techniques.

Group or Staff Readiness


As a host of a radio show or a talk show you are nothing without an excellant team working for and with you. But how ready will this team be to service the industry you are marketing to. We can help! By assisting in the delevopment of what your staff should expect, how they should react, and how to keep the ball rolling during live events and even while in recording sessions.


We can make your team be the Johnny On The Spot that will keep you and your guest comfortable during any arising situation.

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