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Classes and Resouces


We will get your business on track because we take the time to:


  • Assess your needs, corporate culture and goals before we design your program.

  • Build on the current skill and knowledge level of the participants.

  • Do the research to include the latest examples and best practices that are specific and relevant to your industry, business, job function, product and/or service.

  • Create a comfortable training environment where anyone is free to ask anything

Let Us Train You


There are a lot of social media training options out there, but if they don’t reflect the products and services you sell,  your customers, competitors, industry and even your corporate culture you and your employees are far less likely to apply what you’ve learned. That’s because it is not relevant to what they do. Retention rates are lower and everyone walks away saying “Well, that was a waste of time.”


With MWHY, you will learn how to use social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, and Hootsuite to grow your business. Plus you’ll  walk away with the right skills and strategies you need, taught  in a way that makes sense for your business

Let Us Build & Run Your Campaigns


As a business owner and busy entrepreneur maintaining your own social media my not be possible for you or your team at this time. Most companies can run their normal day to day post, but require short term assistance for campaigning, new product launching, events, and other postings that may not be apart of your everyday business needs. 


Allow MWHY's Team do a short social media take over to assist in boosting the exposure and efforts to the right clients that will build your current industry image. With posting, connecting, and placing your product in the right areas. We can do all this and you can still manage your normal interaction without us interferring. 

Let Us Provide You Free Resources


If you have worked with May We Help You?, before in the past, then you know we are willing to assist you in any way we can. We often give free class and offer resources for you to read and impliment right here on the site.


Tip: Visit our YouTube Channel for past recorded classes for beginners. Corporate class are recorded but are not for the public. 

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